Aries Rising

Ascendente en Aries

Aszendent Widder

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Ascendente en Géminis

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Cancer Rising

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Aszendent Krebs

Leo Rising

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Aszendent Löwe

Virgo Rising

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Aszendent Jungfrau

Libra Rising

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Aszendent Waage

Scorpius Rising

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Aszendent Skorpion

Sagittarius Rising

Ascendente en Sagitario

Aszendent Schütze

Capricornus  Rising

Ascendente en Capricornio

Aszendent Steinbock

Aquarius  Rising

Ascendente en Acuario

Aszendent Wassermann

Pisces Rising

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Aszendent Fische


Los Velos

Abrazo Invisible


Sol y Luna


Afinar el Corazón


Me Abrazo


Lunar Eclipse



Solar Eclipse

Tamara Brunswig

My name is Tamara Brunswig. I was born in southern Germany, spent my early years between this country and France, and then moved with my family to Buenos Aires, Argentina, the homeland of my parents.

Influenced by many places, customs, religions, and cultures, I have the feeling of not entirely belonging anywhere and yet being a bit of all of them. In 2020, I embarked on the adventure of letting go of the life I knew in Buenos Aires and following my intuition to return to my roots: Germany. Today, I find myself living surrounded by forests and mountains in Freiburg im Breisgau.

I studied Psychology in Buenos Aires, and also trained in various therapies, seeking to integrate the Body into Verbal Psychotherapy. In addition to being a psychologist, I am a Focusing-Oriented therapist, a Bioenergetic Analysis Practitioner, a Grief Therapist, I work with EMDR, and I am a vibrational healer.

As a lover of Art and Astrology, I found in these worlds languages filled with symbols and sensations that have filled me with enthusiasm and wonder since I can remember. I began to explore and delve more seriously into each one from the age of 15. I studied Astrology with Mariano Quintas (part of the Red Casa XI) and continued to deepen my research into my own natal chart with Juan Cichetti. I also completed several postgraduate courses with Silvia Neira.

Both psychology and astrology are infinite universes in which I continue to train (and I believe I will always do so).

I consider myself a seeker, and in the search for myself and my healing, I discovered that it also involves accompanying others on their journey towards themselves and their healing process. In stepping out of myself, paradoxically, I find myself. In astrologicall terms, my sun in the twelfth house lights up.

If you want to know more about myself or my work, you can visit the link  below.

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